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Wake up the little ones and let them know that Christmas has come early to the Washington, DC area by way of the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center. The Gaylord is hosting their annual Christmas on the Potomac event, loaded with activities for the kids and adults including a Gingerbread Decorating Corner, a carousel, The Elf on the Shelf© Scavenger Hunt, the Potomac Express Train rides, pictures with Santa Claus and much more, including their main attraction, ICE! READ MORE

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Elbowing your way through crowded stores on Black Friday is a thing of the past. The best holiday shopping deals now live online, available on Cyber Monday, which falls on November 30, 2015. This year, give the gift that keeps on giving: a vacation of a lifetime. Head to your computer on November 30 (when most of these deals take effect unless otherwise noted), and click fast. We’ve sourced our top picks for hotel deals around the globe.

Aerial View of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. (Photo Courtesy of Jessica van Dop DeJesus)

As a travel blogger, social media is a big part of how I promote my brand.  I have been inspired, made meaningful friendships, and created amazing memories through my blog, The Dining Traveler.  One of the things I noticed during my 5 years of blogging is that an image can speak a thousand words.  A photo on Instagram has sparked my interest on many destinations, hotels, and restaurants.  That being said, I felt there was a void in imagery when it came to travel guides. This is how the idea of the Dining Traveler Guide to Puerto Rico became a reality.


Were you high-school sweethearts? Was it love at first sight? Just because your love story might be cliché, it doesn’t mean your vacation has to be. From New York City to Rome, the world is riddled with romantic hideaways beyond the expected destinations. Yes, landmarks like the top of the Empire State Building are classic date spots for a reason, but they’re also usually coursing with crowds, lines and even price gouging.

Often times you’ll find that it’s the local gems, just off the tourist-laden path, where you can truly enjoy each other’s company. After all, when it comes to a romantic getaway, who you are going with is always going to outweigh where you are going. So if you want to remember more than, “We went to the Eiffel Tower,” consider these fun, alternative date ideas around the world compiled by READ MORE

The results are in! We’re excited to reveal the Ghost Adventures Halloween marathon completely chosen by YOU. Read on to see which of your favorite episodes will air leading up to the all-new investigation of Deadwood, SD. Plus, receive a little Halloween treat from Zak himself.


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The Hapag-Lloyd Cruises’ intimate Europa 2 is arguably one of the best cruise ships to set sail this year. The international brand is known most for cargo shipping, but the cruise line is a completely independent entity, bringing German luxury to the world. The friendly, bilingual crew switches seamlessly between speaking German and English, the official languages spoken on this cruise ship.

The immaculately-maintained, 500-guest Europa 2 features the best passenger space ratio in the cruise industry, which means there’s more room for everyone to roam freely onboard. High ceilings and a pair of glass elevator atriums – lining the ship’s sides – open up the space and draw guests’ attention to the ocean and ports of call. A light color scheme, sleek silver accents and an abundance of premium teak decking make the overall atmosphere more similar to a modern boutique hotel than an over-sized cruise ship.

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Jay Meyer, the vice president and publisher of Travel + Leisure, knows a thing or 2 about globe-trotting; packing a carry-on suitcase like a pro; and staying fit while on the road. He has taken more than 35 business trips in the past year, visiting over 15 countries and staying in 40 hotels, which makes him a great person to feature for Our Type of Traveler.

In addition to talking to him about the future of Travel + Leisure, we also wanted to know what drives Jay’s passion to travel and how he manages to stay connected with his wife, Missy, and their daughter, Harper, while he’s crisscrossing the globe to exotic locations such as Istanbul, Turkey; Shanghai, China; and the British Virgin Islands.


Your first trip to Europe (or anywhere abroad, for that matter) is a transformative experience, often defying and exceeding your expectations at the same time. Expectations such as the ideas that as an American, you will stick out like a sore thumb (probably true) and that you are unwelcome (probably false). “Contrary to popular belief, most Europeans are super-friendly to tourists,” Raul H. told us when we asked our fans what surprised them the most about traveling to Europe. Check out some more of our favorite observations.

1. “The sheer variety inside such a small space. Pick 4 countries, and you’ll have 4 different experiences.” — Travelsewhere

2. “How friendly the people are. Take time to talk to them, and they’ll also help you out if you are lost!” — Austin W.

3. “They do not use top sheets on their beds. Also, I noticed they do not use wash cloths.” — Donna D.


Summer is drawing to an end. Perhaps you’re preparing to part ways with your passport or say goodbye to weekslong sabbaticals in the sand. So what is someone with perpetual wanderlust (and permanent roots) to do? Make the most of the beloved weekend getaway. Here are the 10 best cities to spend the day exploring, according to our Facebook fans. Tell us: Which city ranks No. 1 in your heart on your itinerary?

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Although the summer is coming to an end, travelers are trying to sneak in that last vacation before the end of August. It looks as though travel destinations in the Caribbean are still popular among US residents during the summer months, according to a recent report released by Adara, a company that leverages global travel data to help improve future business performance. As of July, US residents accounted for nearly 25 million searches and more than 500,000 flight reservations to the Caribbean from June through August 2015.

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