Snow-Covered Airplane
On January 26 we posted a story about the traveling saga of Mate Tokic. Mate spent an unplanned week in London in mid-December during the great snowstorm of 2010 after his flight was canceled at Heathrow Airport. It appears Mate’s travel misfortunes continue. His flight from Dulles Airport near Washington, DC to Cairo via Heathtrow was canceled Wednesday due to a winter storm that dumped about a foot of snow in the DC area. Mate was scheduled to leave Dulles at 10 p.m.

At the peak of the snowstorm, Mate, a history professor at the American University of Cairo, decided to risk a trip to the airport from his parents house in Takoma Park, MD, located about 50 miles from Dulles, via the DC subway system. He made it to its furthest west point at the West Falls Church station and had planned to take a bus the remaining 20 miles or so to the airport.

Mate waited 2 hours for a bus that never arrived, then went back to his parents home  after he saw a group of people who had walked about a mile back to the station. The were left stranded for three hours after the bus they were riding and which was heading to the airport got stuck in the snow. His said his flight was officially canceled at 1:30 a.m.

As of late morning, Mate was still trying to book another flight with British Airways. He promised more details this afternoon but since he does not have a phone he’s hard to reach. He was not available on Skype, his main form of communication, this afternoon, perhaps meaning he has found another flight and is headed to London.

With some luck, Mate will be in Cairo by the weekend. He hopes to be there Friday to witness a planned demonstration in Cairo that projects to attract about 2 million people.



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