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You had to be buried under a rock -– or perhaps a pile of snow from the monster Midwest blizzard — if you didn’t hear about the unprecedented political unrest in Egypt. The silver lining? Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow, which apparently means spring is on the way. Let’s sure hope so. Until then, these festive Chinese New Year celebrations will have to lift our spirits.

With such a busy week, it’s easy to miss a few important links:

A less-naked body scanner? TSA is testing a new system in 3 airports that ditches the x-ray style for a more modest scan that looks like a chalk outline of a body at a crime scene. [Travel Channel]
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Mice trained for airport security: Israeli scientists claim they’re more accurate than using dogs and x-ray machines. [The Telegraph]
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A divorce has to be easier: An Immigration agent put his wife on the do-not-fly list so she can’t return home. [Daily Mail]
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Should airlines segregate kids? Major carriers consider adults-only flights. [Daily Mail]
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Newly released photos of Amazonian Indians cause a stir: Said to be of one of the world’s last uncontacted tribes. [MSNBC]
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Horrific report: Canada’s Outdoor Adventures company is accused of slaughtering over 100 sled dogs last year due to a “slow winter season.” [CTV News]
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Update your Facebook status at 30,000 feet: 7 carriers are providing free in-flight Wi-Fi access to the site in February. [CNN]
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Traveling? You don’t have to miss the Super Bowl: Everything you need to know about watching the Steelers vs. the Packers in the sky. [HuffingtonPost]
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  1. Good post, thanks very much . Look forward to seeing more The Week in Travel News | The Traveling Type. I thought some of the points though are now a bit outdated. Don’t people expect more nowadays?

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