An earthquake and resulting tsunami hit Japan on Friday causing at least hundreds of deaths and affecting travel plans around the globe. Reuters reports that most US airlines canceled most of their flights to and from Japan on Friday. American Airlines canceled all of its flights.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Japanese air carriers canceled hundreds of flights and that airlines throughout Asia and Europe diverted or suspended flights to Tokyo Friday.

In Japan, All Nippon Airways reports that it canceled some flights to Tokyo Narita Airport, and its midnight flights from Tokyo Haneda on March 12 have been canceled.  Japan Airlines says it’s flights are experiencing “irregular operations and that Sendai Airport has been closed.

British Airways reports that flights to Narita and Haneda “have been disrupted.”

States along the U.S. west coast have issued warnings to residents to stay away from beaches as the tsunami approaches the region. It was expected to reach California shortly after 11 a.m.



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