U.S. Travel Association Recommends Airport Security Changes

The US Travel Association wants to make traveling easier for fliers. According to CNN.com, the group is calling for a trusted traveler program that would allow passengers who volunteer certain information about themselves to go through less rigorous security before their flight.

Under this proposed program, passengers would be considered low-risk based on information such as a background check, employment history, lack of a criminal record and other factors. Each participating passenger’s identity would be confirmed at the airport using biometric info, allowing them to pass through security at a quicker pace.

TSA Administrator John Pistole believes something needs to change. “The TSA screens more than 628 million airline passengers every year at US airports, and the vast majority present little to no risk of committing an act of terrorism,” he said earlier this month.

In addition to finding a process to weed out questionable passengers, the US Travel Association has also set its sights on baggage.  Passengers are bringing more carry-ons onto flights to avoid paying checked bag fees, which increases congestion at security checkpoints. The panel recommends that the Department of Transportation should require airlines to allow each passenger to check 1 bag as part of the base airfare.

A 2010 survey by Consensus Research found that U.S. travelers would take an additional 2 to 3 flights per year if the hassles in security screening system were eliminated.

The US Travel Association’s recent report, called A Better Way, sparked the group’s recent recommendations to improve airport security.

Get Travel Channel’s tips on how you can avoid an airport pat-down.



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  2. A trusted traveler program is really a move in favor of travelers as security, trustworthiness and reliability are the basics that help travelling and also make it easy for fliers.

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