Sheraton Hotels Get A Makeover and Expand to China
Photo: This is the outdoor lounge at the Sheraton Tribeca in the Big Apple, where club
members can enjoy amenities while looking at the city skyline. (Sheraton Hotels)

Sheraton has renovated 103 of its hotels in North America. Starwood, Sheraton’s parent company, kicked off a $6 billion global revamp of the chain in 2007, and now it’s looking to expand in China.

An article on, claims the chain’s makeover has made Sheraton more competitive with other hotel chains, including Marriot, Hilton, Radisson and Hyatt.

Hoyt Harper, Starwood’s SVP of brand management, says the company cut 41 hotels from the chain because they did not meet Sheraton’s new standards, and it wasn’t a cheap move either.

“Quite frankly, it cost a lot of money,” he says, citing lost fees. “It was a financial hit we were prepared to take in order to strengthen our brand going forward.”

What’s next for the hotel chain? Starwood execs are looking forward to expanding the chain in China. Plans are underway to open 16 hotels in China this year.

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