Marilyn Monroe

Tonight at 9/8c, Mysteries at the Museum, examines the death of Marilyn Monroe, the blonde bombshell who still manages to fascinate the world nearly 50 years after her death. Her story may have been one of high glamour, but it was also universally relatable. Marilyn was “seeking the oldest of rainbows — to be herself and unafraid,” as director John Huston once put it. That may explain why some 40 books have been written about her. And dozens of actresses have played her. The latest is Michelle Williams, whose turn as MM in My Week With Marilyn, is already generating Oscar buzz.

But for all the focus on Marilyn “the lost girl,” another part of her story remains equally fascinating: the circumstances surrounding her death. In tonight’s episode of Mysteries at the Museum, host Don Wildman explores some very unsettling questions. Like, what exactly was Marilyn Monroe’s housekeeper doing on the night Marilyn died? And whatever happened to Marilyn’s diary-gone-missing? (The one in which she probably had a thing or 2 to say about the Kennedy brothers.) Did Marilyn simply die from an overdose? Or did she know too much?

Check out our sneak peak for clues and tune in tonight for Mysteries at the Museum at 9/8c to find out more.

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