Real Pirates of the High Seas

The mere mention of the word “pirate” can spark images of fantasy and adventure. You know, Johnny Depp aka Captain Jack Sparrow. But in life, pirates don’t just flash smoky eyes and put on a good show. They kill. For real.  Tonight at 9/8c, Mysteries at the Museum offers a heart-stopping look at one high-seas drama.

In April 2009, the Maersk Alabama cargo ship was sailing through the Indian Ocean when it was hijacked by a speedboat with 3 Somali pirates onboard. In the  moments that followed, Captain Richard Phillips was tied up, with an AK-47 assault rifle held to the back of his head. Hear host Don Wildman explain what happened next.

In other cases, it’s travelers who end up in the crossfire. This year an American couple saw their sailboat hijacked by pirates several hundred miles off the coast of Oman. But if you dream of one day setting sail for the high seas, don’t fret. Just be smart about it. Stay current on high-risk waters and travel advisory warnings.

And if you’re looking for pirate adventure (safely tucked in the past), plenty of options await — just check out the links below.

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  1. DBCoop says:

    Funny that the Travel Channel's blog should mention pirates, since the DIY Blog Cabin blog just had a tale posted recently about the swashbuckling New England scallywag Dixie Bull. (Yes, real name, and a true pirate in every sense.)

    The coastal towns and numerous coves, deserted isles and shallow rivers of Maine were a favorite hiding spot for Dixie Bull, and he was never caught. There are even rumors of a possible link between the pirate and the location of DIY's Waldoboro, ME riverside Blog Cabin 2012 renovation project and sweepstakes giveaway.

    Aye, there's a good chance of buried or sunken treasure to be found for the lucky follower of pirate lore.

    Modern day piracy is a serious and costly issue, however — difficult to prevent and often near impossible to bring the perpetrators to justice. Facing the pirates of centuries past was fearsome, but today's pirates are far more brutal.

    Oh but for the good old days of Blackbeard, Dixie Bull and Captain Kidd. (And the quirky Captain Jack Sparrow.)

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