The bright lights of Tinseltown have lured their share of young women. Among them was a raven-haired girl from Massachusetts who hoped to make it big in Los Angeles. But in the end, Elizabeth Short came to be known as the tragic Black Dahlia. In tonight’s episode of Hidden City: Los Angeles, at 10|9c, host Marcus Sakey explores Short’s mysterious death, which culminated in the gruesome discovery of her mutilated body in a vacant lot in 1947.

Sadly, Short was hardly the only woman whose life ended young — and, in several cases, under mysterious circumstances. Call it the Black Dahlia Club. If you’re planning a trip to Los Angeles, take a detour down these haunted streets; echoes of lives cut short still resound (hat tip: Esotouric and photographer Derek Hutchison):

Judy Ann Dull: Murder of 1950s Model
West Hollywood’s historic El Mirador Apartments has an Old Hollywood air. It was also  home to an unknown 19-year-old model named Judy Dull. In July 1957, Dull accepted a 2-hour modeling stint from a photographer, Johnny Glinn. Dull never returned home. Her remains were discovered in a shallow grave 4 1/2 miles west of Indio, CA. As for Johnny, his real name turned out to be Harvey Murray Glatman aka “The Lonely Hearts Killer.” Check out his death pad here.

Karyn Kupcinet: Death of JFK’s Alleged Mistress
This quiet, unassuming home in West Hollywood, CA, holds a dark story: In November 1963 — just days after JFK’s assassination — American actress (and alleged JFK mistress) Karyn Kupcinet was found dead. Police ruled the 22-year-old’s death a homicide, due to strangulation. Mysteriously, the killer has never been identified.

Georgette Bauerdorf: Oil Heiress’s Unsolved Death
The imposing walls of this West Hollywood apartment complex couldn’t protect Georgette Bauerdorf from a gruesome fate: In October 1944, the 20-year-old oil heiress was found lying face-down in her bathtub; she had been strangled. Some say the killer was an infatuated soldier from the Hollywood Canteen where Georgette had worked. To date, though, the crime remains unsolved.

But no unsolved crime stirs the whodunit in us quite like the Black Dahlia. Could the mystery finally be solved? Check out this intense interview that Marcus conducted with Steve Hodel, who claims his father was the Black Dahlia killer. Do you believe him?


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  1. Black and gray tattooing appeals to Noah because of the direct relationship with drawing. "Growing up I loved to draw and still am constantly scribbling and filling pages in my sketchbook to this day.

  2. This world is a mysterious place where many people are killed on daily basis for seemingly no purpose other than some sick kind of satisfaction. No one knows how a person's mind works specially that of killers as he basically is a psycho. In this i agree with you that in short stories shared above no one is more mysterious than the tragic Black Dahlia.

  3. There comes a moment when the things one has written, even a traveler's memories, stand up and demand a justification. They require an explanation. They query, 'Who am I? What is my name? Why am I here?

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