Costa Concordia Cruise Liner Sinking Off the Coast of Tuscany

Three people were found alive Sunday morning, more than 24 hours after rocks tore a 160-foot gash in the hull of a cruise ship, off the coast of Tuscany. Rescue crews found the purser of the Costa Concordia trapped in the ship’s restaurant, suffering from hypothermia. A South Korean couple was also found trapped in the ship, which was nearly 50 percent submerged in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The ship, carrying 4,000 passengers and crew members, ran aground on Friday, and authorities say up to 41 people are still missing. At least 3 people were killed, and 20 others were found with injuries.  Survivors, some comparing the experience to the movie “Titanic,” spoke of a chaotic and terrifying scene where passengers pushed and shoved their way to get onto lifeboats, while others leapt overboard into the sea.

Several passengers claim that crew was ill-prepared, and the ship’s captain, Francesco Schettino, abandoned the sinking liner before all the passengers left. The captain was detained for questioning for suspected manslaughter, abandoning the ship and causing the shipwreck.

According to the New York Times, there were 2 conflicting reports about why the cruise ship crash happened. One report claims that the ship was off course in reef-filled water just miles from the shore. The other report claims that an electrical failure caused the crew to lose control of the liner.

Local media reports said the ship had passed between the Tuscan coast and Giglio, a popular tourist destination 18 miles offshore, rather than in the open sea on the far side of the island.



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  1. DBCoop says:

    The loss of even one life is tragic. Sadly, news reports indicate that there are more people missing, the current number is at 14. Perhaps they will be found safely on shore already, and simply unreported amidst the confusion.

    I have not cruised with the Costa line, however I was surprised to have read that many passengers did not attend a lifeboat drill. I have never been on a cruise where the lifeboat drill was not only mandatory for every single passenger, but always took place within hours of leaving the port of embarkation.

    Unfortunately, this accident reinforces the fact that the rules of safety can never be taken for granted or "given a pass" whether at sea, in the air, or on the road. No one is exempt.

    As for me, I’ll continue traveling as long as I find it rewarding, and cruising will continue to be one of my favorite ways to do so. I'll pay attention to the rules of the "road" wherever I'm at, use commonsense and take sensible precautions, and still enjoy every moment of each new travel adventure.

  2. nyaa says:

    To think that 100 years ago Titanic sank, and now we have this. Its kinda sad :(

  3. As people choose to take cruise travels to be able to spend time with their family or friends, it is also important to consider the safety of the vessel as well as the competency of the crew in dealing with unexpected problems such as the ship's sinking.

  4. Stave says:

    The other report claims that an electrical failure caused the crew to lose control of the liner How to find pressure vessel fabricators in Mexico

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