by Amanda DiGiondomenico

To celebrate that extra day we’ve been granted this leap year, many travel destinations — from Orlando to South Africa – are trying to make those extra 24 hours worth your while. Instead of wasting away your leap day, let these 5 travel ideas inspire you to make the day something to remember.


One More Disney Day
For starters, Disney wants your leap day to be extra magical, so they are officially calling leap day, “One More Disney Day.” To commemorate the day, Magic Kingdom Park in Orlando’s Disney World and Disneyland in Anaheim, CA, will be open 24 hours straight. Once the gates open at 6 a.m. on Feb. 29, Mickey fans can have the run of the park until the rides shut down at 6 a.m. on March 1. The lines will probably be short in the wee hours of the morning, offering maximum opportunities to ride.

Leap at Martha’s Vineyard
If peace and quiet are more your speed, then head to Martha’s Vineyard for a little rest and relaxation. But don’t take yourself too seriously there; at the Vineyard Square Hotel you can score a free bottle of wine if you bring a photograph of yourself leaping over something. So let loose, find the closest leap-able object and bring someone who has a camera.

See Leap of Leopards in South Africa
For those adventurous enough to brave the savannah on this extra trip around the sun, spend some time outside your comfort zone, in the African wilderness. The Ngala Safari Lodge in South Africa is offering a free leopard-tracking expedition for its guests. Why, you ask? So their explorers can see a leap of leopards, of course.

Visit the Leap Year Capital of the World
The joy of a leap year is not lost on the residents of Anthony, TX, and New Mexico. Known as the “Leap Year Capital of the World” because it “leaps” the border of Texas and New Mexico, the town of Anthony hosts the Worldwide Leap Year Festival . With car shows, golf tournament, ice hockey games and more, the town of Anthony does it up once every 4 years.

Get a Leapling Travel Discount
Finally, if you happen to be a leapling — someone born on leap day — then make sure to keep your eyes peeled for special deals catering to those lucky enough to grow older at 1/4th the speed as their friends. One particular deal comes from Mammoth Mountain in California, where those born on Feb. 29 can enjoy a free night’s stay at any of Mammoth’s 4 resorts. Spend your birthday skiing and snowboarding with friends, since you won’t get to celebrate it next year — kidding.

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