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When it comes to Belfast, more Americans remember its dark political history and forget that the New York-bound Titanic ship was built and made its maiden voyage from there 100 years ago this month. Belfast is hot on its heels of erasing the repercussions of its late civil war (the city is known as the safest city in all of Europe based on nationwide crime figures), and the Titanic is luring travelers the world over to check out the new and improved Belfast.

Titanic Memorial in Belfast

This month, the $156 million Titanic Building opened its doors, providing the world’s largest Titanic memorial. The museum center stands the same height as the original Titanic — about 10 stories high — and is designed to look like the hull of the ship. And don’t expect tributes to Jack and Rose. The Titanic Building is the real deal, with 9 informative galleries that start with Boomtown Belfast (when the city was at the forefront of shipbuilding) and the launch of the Titanic, ending with the Oceanic Exploration Center. So visitors can explore the wreckage discovered 2 1/2 miles on the ocean floor in 1985. Interactive features allow visitors to feel like they were actually on the ship.

Should you still need a healthy dose of your Titanic fix, head to the Titanic Dock & Pumphouse just behind the Titanic Building. The shipyard features the original Titanic pumps in a Victorian museum, as well as the dock and slipways where the ship was built 100 years ago.

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  1. Patrick J.Toms says:

    The Belfast Building is large and has cost a lot of money,I will introduce myself.My Name is Mr Patrick.J.Toms and I founded the first Titanic Society in N.Ireland,in 1992. Shortly aferwards another Society was formed I am the founder member of both Societies,and President of both.But the one that is running is the Shannon Ulster Titanic Society,as far as the Americans are concerned my Grandfather Andrew John Shannon was an American citizen,originally from Queenstown Co Cork,he died on the Titanic,I named the Shannon Ulster titanic Society after him.There is more but this is a shorter version. Pat

  2. There have been several Titanic-related news items that have appeared recently, timed I'm sure with the upcoming centennial.I have seen great information about titanic and you can also find more..

  3. Titanic Society,as far as the Americans…

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