In 2010, the Florida-based Spirit Airlines took the historic step of being the first US airline to charge passengers baggage fees for carry-ons. That’s right — not checked bags, carry-ons. Today, the airline is in the news again, this time for raising their already-unprecedented carry-on fees even more.

Spirit Airlines


Travelers be warned: starting Nov. 6, any Spirit Airlines passengers who wait until they get to the gate to pay for their carry-on (defined as a bag that needs to be put in the overhead bin and cannot fit under the seat) will get hit with a whopping $100 fee.

Do Your Homework — Before You Book!
Spirit Airlines is already notorious for its less-than-stellar customer service, but their low-cost base fares keep travelers booking. If you choose to fly Spirit, make sure you do your homework — paying for your bags before you get to the airport can save you significantly. You may even want to consider checking in your bag. Believe it or not, on Spirit it’s actually cheaper.

Here’s the carry-on cost breakdown:
If you pay for your bag when you book your flight, it’ll cost you $35; if you pay during online check-in, it will cost you $40; and if you pay for it at an airport check-in kiosk, it will cost you $50.

Subtract $5 from the fee of any of the above scenarios, and that’s the fee for your first checked bag. Got all that? We barely do, either. Visit Spirit’s website for a complete breakdown.

What do you think of these new carry-on fees? Would you rather pay more to book on another airline, or is the low-cost base fare worth it?


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  1. Helen says:

    My husband flew Spirit once and said it was the most miserable flight he'd ever been on, but it was "cheap" and he wasn't the one buying the ticket. As near as I can tell, with all the fees Spirit charges, it's actually less expensive–in come cases quite a bit less expensive–to book a flight at a higher ticket price with another airline and avoid all of the extra fees.

  2. Cory Gates says:

    Hmmm. It's quite confusing. So there would be no charges for excess baggage but instead carry-ons? Which is better for us – cheap flight or comfortable flight?

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  4. What do you think of these new carry-on fees?

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