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Join us on the Traveling Type each week for a roundup of our favorite blog posts. From a peek into life in Beirut to inspiration found on the banks of the Thames, here’s what caught our eye this week in the travel blog universe:

Have you heard that the TSA is letting certain travelers keep their shoes on? Mommy Points explains!

Almost Fearless offers a glimpse of her house in Beirut and provides a couple tips on how you, too, can go about renting a flat in Lebanon for an adventure.

The Everywhereist finds inspiration from a lonely busker playing on the grey banks of the Thames in London.

Wild Junket explores “The Mythical Buddhist Kingdom of Bagan, Myanmar,” an 800-year-old architectural site in Southeast Asia with over 4,400 temples.

Ott’s World shares stunning photos of her visit to the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin.

Wondering what else happened around the world this week? Check out our gallery of This Week in Photos! Do you have a favorite travel blog that you think we should add to our blogroll? Leave your suggestion in the comments!

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  1. Carrie says:

    I would like to add a travel blog to the blogroll. Where is CD now?

  2. it's a wonderful article, please continue post the interesting writing! thank you.

  3. nice view! i wanna be in this place.

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