Vacation Anxiety

It’s getting more and more difficult for American travelers to “unplug” and have a cellphone-and-tablet-free vacation, finds a new study released today by Intel and TNS. The study sheds light on the “deepening love affair” between Americans and their devices, revealing the emotional bond that many have with them.

When traveling, Americans feel much more at ease when they know that they have access to technology. In fact, the study found that 70% of 18- to 29-year-olds admit to feelings of anxiety when they are not able to charge their mobile device when traveling, 44 % of vacationers admit feeling anxious when forced to travel without their computing device and 87% of young adults feel happier when traveling with their devices.

The study also found that men are more likely to ignore instructions to power down their devices on planes, a la Alec Baldwin and his infamous game of Words With Friends.  About 13% of men surveyed admitted they have ignored instructions to turn off their devices while flying.

What about you? Do you have “unplugged anxiety” or are you a leave-the-cellphone-in-the-hotel kind of traveler? We want to know!

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  1. Sometimes seriously on vacation this Internet and Cell Phone, becomes very hard to get rid off. It is my personal experience, that I have been to Sydney last year, but my clients spoiled my holiday due to office work.

  2. Jatin says:

    Hi Allee, the idea of living without net connection seem impossible now. I read an article that the chairmen of Google went for a month vaccination without getting plugged. Though its a bit difficult to understand. For me I'll say that unplugged anxiety is controllable.

    - Jatin
    Firm – Hotel Management System

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