By Katie Hards

Photo By Frank Murray

An upright piano is not the typical instrument of choice among street musicians, but that hasn’t stopped piano player Dotan Negrin from following his dream to play “Piano Across America.“ In 2011, the clever musician put wheels on his bulky instrument, left his home base in Long Island, New York, and traveled over 23,000 miles across the country with his spunky Chihuahua mutt, Brando.  Out of the 44 cities he stopped in to play a few tunes, Dotan says that New Orleans and Athens, Georgia were his favorites; although he couldn’t get enough of the great people he met in Jackson, Wyoming. On his journey, Dotan even ended up playing his piano inside a redwood tree in Redwoods, California.

Photo By Katie Hards

This summer, Dotan has embarked on a new challenge, aiming to play at 100 different locations around New York City … so far he’s serenaded passersby at 20.  Inspired by the likes of Miles Davis and Bill Evans, Dotan says it’s his curiosity and passion for playing music that keeps him, Brando and his piano moving.

Photo by Katie Hards

This winter, Dotan has plans to embark on his longest musical road trip yet — he’s set his sights on Brazil!  If you want to follow Dotan and his adventures around NYC and (possibly) even on to South America, follow him on Twitter @PianoXAmerica.


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  1. Browsing the Atlas says:

    There was a similar project in Cincinnati two years ago. A group set up pianos in public spaces around Cincinnati, hoping that people would stop and play some tunes. We came across one outside of the Fitton Center in Hamilton, Ohio. We'd been walking along a trail by the Little Miami River and heard piano music. We decided to explore, and there was a young man, playing a piano outside the arts center. It was a great surprise!

  2. Ashley says:

    There are a lot of these posted on youtube. i have seen a group of young men playing strings and you'll have to chose if they'd play it fast or slow. I'm a player of instruments myself and I think this is really fun. My daughter is taking baby music classes in Sydney and I'm hoping she'll take her love for music wherever she goes.

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