What happened this week in the travel blogosphere? Well, retro is in, cleavage is out. Here’s what else grabbed our attention on Travel Channel’s blogroll.

Opening today, the new Disney film Brave is sure to be a hit – set in Scotland, it’s already inspiring trips to the country, including those with a special itinerary designed by Disney. Gadling explains…

As We Travel clues us in to the retro travel trend and how we can take a trip back in time around the US. Drive-in movie, anyone?

Spain’s La Ruta de Las Caras, or “Route of Faces,” was added to Atlas Obscura’s collection of strange world wonders.

Yet another traveler was given grief about their wardrobe before getting on the plane. Are airlines going overboard?

The Hello Kitty Beauty Spa opens in Dubai,  in case you were in need of a “kitty-cure.”

Wondering what else happened around the world this week? Check out our gallery of This Week in Photos! Do you have a favorite travel blog that you think we should add to our blogroll? Leave your suggestion in the comments!

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