Yesterday, the world lost the queen of romantic comedies: Nora Ephron. The movies that she wrote and directed are not only romantic movie staples, they are also about the cities where the relationships blossomed.

Although Nora Ephron is best known for writing and directing Sleepless in Seattle, which highlighted the waterfront communities of Seattle and Baltimore, her other movies celebrated another equally exciting place: Manhattan. When Harry Met Sally, Ephron’s first big hit, and You’ve Got Mail, which reunited actors Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan via dial-up internet, are both romantic comedy classics, as well as love letters to the city that gave her a voice — New York.

Relive Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan’s cross-country romance with our photos of Seattle’s sights and our gallery of Extreme Houseboats, which features homes like Tom’s in the movie.

In Sleepless in Seattle, Meg Ryan lived in the Baltimore neighborhood of Fells Point — a short walk from the new Four Seasons.

See photos of New York City, including the arch in Washington Square Park, where Sally dropped off Harry thinking she’d never see him again after their long and awkward road trip.

Long gone are the days of “over-30 chat rooms” circa You’ve Got Mail. Check out these Top 10 Cities for Singles where you can meet people face-to-face — in case all this talk of Ephron’s movies has you in the mood for love.

Ephron’s last movie, Julie & Julia, chronicled Julia Child’s culinary adventures in France alongside Julie Powell’s attempt to emulate her in modern-day NYC. See what made Julia Child fall in love with French food in our Why We Love the French gallery.

Want even more? See our gallery of Romantic Movie Destinations.

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