We spend time trolling the travel blogosphere so you don’t have to! Well, not trolling … more like, blissfully absorbing. Anyway, turns out the Olympics is on everyone’s minds — as it will be for the next couple of months — and we found tips on eking as much enjoyment as possible out of the remaining summer days. Check out what we found on Travel Channel’s blogroll.

Looking to get to London on the cheap? Mommy Points debates taking a discounted trip to the Olympics.

Got Australia on the brain? Johnny Jet offers blog-followers a list of the Top 10 Aussie Eco-Adventures.

Too many choices, too little time. Get in the Hot Spot offers tips on how to narrow down your list, and find your ideal destination.

Summer flying by? Vagabondish tells us How to Slow Travel on a Short Trip.

What’s a thunderstorm sunset, you say? Well, Gadling shares a time-lapse video of the Thunderstorm Sunset in Brooklyn.

Wondering what else happened around the world this week? Check out our gallery of This Week in Photos! Do you have a favorite travel blog that you think we should add to our blogroll? Leave your suggestion in the comments!

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  1. RaniRo says:

    Love the Thunderstorm Sunset video. Long. But beautiful! : -)

  2. [...] here: London Olympics: This Week in Travel | The Traveling Type Comments [...]

  3. Diana Klintz says:

    It was too bad I wasn't able to see the Olympics last time. 'Been planning to book a flight to London for quite some time and I'll go there next summer. I already booked a london luton hotel and I can't wait to roam the streets there and to visit big ben!

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