We’re in the midst of summer and that means one thing: time for family vacations. Well, cookouts, too, but it’s mostly a chance for busy families to pause and spend precious moments together in between the routines of a normally hectic schedule.

But with endless possibilities for family getaways, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the prospect of schlepping the kids somewhere new. Travel Channel is here to make it easy on you with tips to plan a trip everyone can enjoy.

Want to avoid the hassle of airports while having a little more control over your budget? There’s a reason why road trips are a classic family adventure — read our tips on road-trippin’ in the US.

Headed to Miami, but not sure where to begin? We have a guide to the best family activities Miami has to offer.

National parks are not only beautiful places to enjoy the great outdoors, but they also offer educational opportunities for the little ones. Check out the top 5 national park family programs around.

Starting from scratch? From the islands of the Bahamas to the kids’ paradise of Orlando, FL, we have a list of the 10 best family vacations for making memories.

What are your family’s favorite destinations? Got any tips for traveling with little ones? Let us know in the comments!

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  3. Tips for traveling with little ones:

    1. When in doubt, leave it out. Don't bring every toy or book. Ask kids to choose two toys/books and that's it. If you're traveling within the U.S., you could always check out the local library. It may be fun to see how a library in another city stacks up to yours.

    2. Bring snacks kids will eat.

    3. Stay calm, cool and collective. Kids feed off of your energy. If you're stressed, your kids will be stressed.

    4. Bring your doctors numbers in case of an emergency.

    5. Leave pets at home. Most of them don't like to travel.

    6. Travel with an open mind. Teach your children that travel is fun and exciting. If you're open to new experiences so will your kids.

    7. When you plan next year's vacation, ask kids where they want to go. Take a vote and choose the #1 destination for your family.

    Happy travels!

  4. I have always enjoyed beach vacations, and I personally think that Cape Cod is the best option for families if you live in the area! A Cape Cod rental can be had for a small sum during the summer months there, and there is family fun to be had everywhere! If you can escape from the kids for a little while, there are quite a few nice spots for parents to have a nice romantic dinner! I have never had a bad time there! Even if it rains, there is shopping and several other big attractions to pass the time!

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