Every week we scour the travel blog universe to see where people are going, what they’re seeing and if they know something we don’t about their favorite destinations. From preparing to run with the bulls to capturing breathtaking photos of colorful Panama, travel bloggers have been busy.

Presumably, your local fireworks went off without a hitch this week — not true for San Diego residents. Gadling shares a video of the Big Bay Boom — with all of the city’s fireworks exploding at once.

Canada’s Adventure Couple prepare for their trip to Spain’s Festival of San Fermin with this  list of rules for running with the bulls.

Everyone has heard of a honeymoon, but what about a babymoon? A Luxury Travel Blog offers tips on planning a romantic getaway for expecting couples before baby makes 3.

Ready to do all of Vegas? The travel site Fathom shows us what happens when you say yes to everything in Sin City. If that piques your interest, enter for a chance to win a Las Vegas vacation!

Camels & Chocolate books a stay at Canopy Tower in Panama and offers photos from high above the rainforest’s canopy.

Want to see what else happened around the world this week? Check out This Week in Photos!

Do you have a favorite travel blog that you think we should add to our blogroll? Leave your suggestion in the comments!

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