If you live in a major metropolitan area, you probably already know that the traffic in your city is pretty bad, so seeing your home make it on a list of cities with the worst traffic isn’t too much of a surprise. But maybe you’re planning on renting a car in Miami or taking a family road trip to San Francisco. In that case, TomTom’s North American Traffic Congestion Report might come in handy.

According to the report, the cities that saw an increase in traffic over the last year were Seattle, Houston, Ottawa, Ontario, San Francisco and Miami.

The cities that saw a decrease? Edmonton in Alberta, New York, Boston, Minneapolis and Toronto.

While a decrease in traffic might seem like the silver lining in a dire report, it could actually signify a sluggish economy. But for travelers looking to ease their stress and escape traffic while on vacation, it could be a good idea to visit these cities. You might even help jumpstart their economies! Not single-handedly, of course. Unless you’re Warren Buffet.

Fun fact: The poor souls in Los Angeles, TomTom’s top city for worst traffic, lose 92 hours per year in delays on a 30-minute commute.

The Huffington Post took this report as a call to “get out of Dodge.” But we think moving because of the traffic is a little extreme. What do you think? Would you leave your beloved city because of the congestion? Does a city’s traffic affect your travel plans? Tell us in the comments!


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  1. Seattle, Houston, Ottawa, Ontario, San Francisco and Miami are fantastic travel destinations. Traffic is a minor detail when there's a lot to do and see in these cities. And, you can always take public transportation or walk.

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