“Are you frightened?”
“I don’t know … they’re pretty big girls …”

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Not everyone can travel to Spain to run with the bulls — luckily, New Orleans has you covered! Tomorrow, the “Encierro” takes place at 8 a.m. sharp, but the festival is happening all weekend. Just head to the Big Easy to run with the … bulls. Or rather, roller derby girls decked out in bull horns and brandishing whiffle ball bats. Totally the same.

But, you do get to wear all white and tie a red handkerchief around your neck, and you don’t even have to run for your life. Just jog around a little and then hit the 12 Bar on Fulton for La Fiesta de Pantalones.

Rather see some real bulls charging down the street? Check out our photos from the San Fermin Festival in Pamplona, Spain.

Otherwise, visit the San Fermin in Nueva Orleans website for more details!

Have you been to the New Orleans’ Running of the Bulls? Let us know – we’d love to hear about it!

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  1. olive torture says:

    <—-OLiVe ToRtuRE>…..NoLA BULL 4-LIFE and my bat is lonely! Needs the tushes of 10,000 runners to feel happy this year.! <3

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