Want to know where some of our favorite travel bloggers have been this week? So did we. So we scoured the blogroll and found our 5 favorite posts. Did you know that Paris transforms into a beachside resort every summer?  Are you traveling with your significant other for the first time and worried that it might be a bad idea? Read on to find out more …

Vagabondish offers 6 questions everyone should ask before embarking on a trip with a significant other – to preserve both your sanity and your relationship.

Been-Seen shows us how the city of Paris becomes a beach resort along the Seine for a short while every summer.

Gadling draws our attention to Yellowstone National Park’s new foray into social media with their video that offers a glimpse of the park’s beauty.

The Culturist tells us how the artistic talent of Thailand’s elephants may save them from extinction.

Need to get away for a minute? Wayfare provides a peek into an Ocean Beach, CA, family’s surf shack abode.

See what else happened this week in travel with our This Week in Photos gallery!

Do you have a favorite travel blog that you think we should add to our blogroll? Leave your suggestion in the comments!

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