For today’s Daily Escape, we take you to Place de la Bastille, a square in the heart of Paris, in celebration of Bastille Day. But what is Bastille Day? Well, Place de la Bastille was where the notorious and oppressive Bastille fortress, which was used by many kings of France as a state prison, once stood. Then came the fateful day of July 14, 1789 – Bastille Day — when it was stormed by a crowd of workers, mutinous soldiers and traders, triggering a major flashpoint in the French Revolution. That single moment turned what was once a symbol of autocratic cruelty into a spirit of defiance.

This Bastille Day, you don’t have to be French to appreciate this vibrant history — and the universal values it imparted of liberté, egalité, fraternité! Feel that spirit as you walk the square, brimming with a colorful scene of open-air markets, a marina filled with lounging seafarers and the July Column – a monument that stands in remembrance of a later call for liberty.

To get into the spirit even more, check out our Why We Love the French photo gallery, learn how you can explore Paris on a budget or find out what you should do to have the perfect weekend in Paris.

How are you celebrating this Bastille Day? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. Samika says:

    Yes, Bastille Day is best celebrated in French. Bastille day is a day of celebrations of french culture. It is popular french festival and one of the nations largest french themed celebrations. Bastille day celebrations are the result of french revolution. Thanks for why we love French photo gallery. French language is spoken by most people around the world also celebrates this day with pomp and interest. As these french inspired interiors are in connection with the Bastille Day and resemble french traditions. On the occasion of Bastille Day the festivity will start with the yummy french food such as french cakes, french songs and many other related with traditional french celebrations.

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