Join Travel Channel as we head across the pond and back for special episodes of Ghost Adventures, Bizarre Foods America and more. Learn all about the episodes airing this week, as well as the locales that steal the show!


Tonight at 9, we stop in San Diego for Bizarre Foods America, where Andrew Zimmern gets a taste of the unexpected when he finds that this coastal city on the Mexican border offers some hidden delights. Get a sneak peek with our Bizarre Food of the Week! Learn more about San Diego with our gallery of the city’s top sights.

On Wednesday at 9, we’re cruising the Pacific coast, when Adam Richman gives LA, San Diego and San Francisco a shot at winning the title of Best Sandwich in America.

Thursday at 9, we’re back to San Diego with a new episode of Trip Flip where Bert takes 2 best friends on a trip of a lifetime with surf lessons at Mission Beach, cruising in a low-rider, a private jet charter to San Francisco and an all-access pass to a Train concert – where the ladies meet and dine with the Grammy award-winning rock band and sing on stage with them!


Wednesday, we’re going to London for a quick jaunt with Food Paradise at 8 where we’ll tour of London’s diverse food scene, with its hip culinary neighborhoods, high tea, delicious street food, classic pubs and not-to-be missed Indian fare.

On Thursday at 8, London Revealed shows us a few of London’s hidden treasures, including the streets and stores that inspired the “Harry Potter” series, behind the scenes at Wimbledon and hot nightclubs only those in the know can access.

Friday at 9, we’re gearing up for the Olympics with another stop in London for a special episode of Ghost Adventures with Zak and the boys heading to Fort Horsted in Kent, England – a World War II fortress and the site of a 1,000-year-old Anglo-Saxon massacre.

Planning a trip to London? Check out our complete guide to a London 2012 vacation.


On Thursday at 10, Top Spot goes to the US Virgin Islands where a couple looking for a romantic getaway and test drive 3 very different Caribbean vacation packages. From a private beach, to a chartered 55-foot yacht and a hillside villa with their own chef, which one will they choose? Check out Travel Channel’s guide to St. John or learn all about beautiful Trunk Bay for more.


Wednesday at 10, Baggage Battles heads north to Toronto where 100 unopened, unclaimed suitcases from the Toronto International Airport wait for our “auction specialists.”


Finally, Friday at 10, the Dead Files season finale takes us to the remote village of Central, Alaska, where Steve uncovers tragic evidence to back up the bizarre eyewitness accounts, and Amy encounters a variety of spirits, including a dangerous apparition intent on hurting the living. Check out the other creatures that are lurking around America’s last frontier with our Wild Alaska photo gallery.


Tune in this week to see these destinations and more on the Travel Channel!


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  1. Pam Fahey says:

    Why do I need a login username/password to enter your sweepstakes…if there is no purchase necessary to enter or win?

  2. Cor says:

    Featured shows on The Travel Channel consist of FOOD, FOOD and more FOOD. What gives? Where's a travel agent when you need one. I wish there was a Travel Channel that focused on Travel and excursions, and reports on all destinations, best deals, discounts for attractions, memberships and programs. These days all we have is the online, (dont know what your getting) websites ie; priceline, expedia, hotwire and other wannabe travel sites. I say we need a household name Travel Channel & Web presence that focuses on Travel & Tourism or bring back the Travel Agents please, this is getting old.

  3. World Lover says:

    I don't understand why the TRAVEL CHANNEL has so few shows based around Travel. Everything is focused on food. These days, I only tune in to watch old Samantha Brown episodes.

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