As part of the travel blog community, we like to keep a weather eye on the horizon and bring things to our readers that happened to catch our attention this week on the blogroll. We found some tips on traveling to London for the Olympics, as well as gorgeous photos of Ecuador and the cenotes of Mexico.

Peter Greenberg offers suggestions for how to avoid hotels when traveling abroad for the Olympics.

Camels & Chocolate shared her photos of Tortuga Bay, Ecuador. While you’re at it, check out our travel guide for tips on what to see & do in Ecuador!

With Ramadan starting today, Gadling posted a video from the Muslim community of London welcoming visitors and offering them an invitation to UK mosques for nightly Ramadan iftar feasts.

Johnny Jet shows us, step by step, what it’s like to fly from San Diego to London on British Airways.

Learn what a Mexican cenote is and see just how beautiful they can be with photos from The Planet D. See even more in our Explore Mexico’s Cenotes photo gallery!

See what else happened this week in travel with our This Week in Photos gallery!

Do you have a favorite travel blog that you think we should add to our blogroll? Leave your suggestion in the comments!

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