If you’re headed to London for the 2012 Olympic Games, you better free up some space in your suitcase for a pair of rain boots (Wellingtons, if you want to blend in with the Brits), because the forecast calls for rain.

Concerned about all the uber-lucky travelers headed to this year’s Olympics (ok, fine, maybe we’re just jealous), we checked in with our friends at weathertrends360 to see what all you spectators and athletes could expect from the notoriously-rainy city. According to the weathertrends360 meteorologists, London is expected to have the second-wettest weather in over 20 years during the opening weekend of the 2012 games. It might be a gloomy start weather-wise, but we’re predicting that a little rain won’t put a damper on the much-anticipated opening weekend.

Unfortunately, weathertrends360 is also predicting that the 17-day event will be the second-coldest in 20+ years with below-average temperatures throughout. Opening weekend temperatures will range from the mid-50s F (13C) to the upper-60s F (20C), well below London’s average July temps.

Luckily, though, temperatures are expected to warm up for the latter half of the games with daytime highs in the mid-70s (23C) and lows in the mid-50s (14C) at night. But don’t put your ponchos away yet – there will still be a risk for frequent showers.

Check out weathertrends360’s full forecast for the next few weeks in London, and make sure to check their long-term forecast (for anywhere in the world!) before planning your next vacation.


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