When you’re going out of town, it’s hard to know just what you’re getting yourself into, hotel-wise. The hotel website doesn’t always help, either. Marketing photos can make any hotel look like the Taj Mahal, so the smart traveler needs to remain wary of promises that sound too good to be true. Because … guess what … they probably are.

But fear not, young travel warrior! Travel Channel and Oyster.com are here to help you spot those common marketing ploys. Don’t forget – Photoshop and a little cropping can work wonders. (Keep that in mind for those beach photos …).

Check out our Hotel Fake-Out photo galleries that match up the marketing photo alongside the real thing:

Compare the cropped marketing photo of a sexy surfer-man posing in what appears to be a large hotel pool to the real hot-tub-sized baby pool at Miami’s Aqua Hotel in Hotel Fake-Outs 1

Next, check out the expertly-decorated balcony at the London West Hollywood hotel …. then see it in real life in Hotel Fake-Outs 2. Where did all those plants, grapes and iced tea go?

In Hotel Fake-Outs 3, an Oyster photographer discovers that the supposedly colorful, tropical rooms at Vegas’ California Hotel and Casino, although clean, are totally stark white.

Get a look at the teenie-tiny hotel rooms at NYC’s Holiday Inn, and then see how the hotel tries to sell them in Hotel Fake-Outs 4.

Have you ever been fooled by a hotel’s tricky marketing tactics? Let us know in the comments!


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3 Responses

  1. Janice says:

    A good place to check hotel fotos from guests who stayed at the hotel is tripadvisor!

  2. Bobby says:

    Ocean Manor Resort, this owner does not need to be an owner he was on hotel impossible and now he is on bar rescue!!! If you are on one show I get it you need help but if your on two then you should sell everything to someone that knows what their doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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