If you’re anything like us, you were probably wondering where the Batcave is actually located (and if it’s a real place) as opposed to paying attention to the plot of Dark Knight Rises. We loved the movie, and we can’t help but be a little destination-obsessed here at Travel Channel. The Gotham City of Dark Knight was so obviously Chicago, that the new locations in Dark Knight Rises had us wondering, “Is that New York?” Turns out, most of it wasn’t.

So we did some digging, and you’ll never guess what we found. From Pittsburgh to London to India, we dug up the locations used to film the exploding football field, Gotham City Police Department and even the prison in the pit.

Check out our photo gallery of the locations used to create the world of Batman!

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  1. l.a says:

    You left Newark NJ out. HM. I wonder why.

  2. burçlar says:

    oouucchhhh would be great to see those locations

  3. Great valuable information you've decided to share with us. Thanks

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