Here at Travel Channel, we like tips — tips on how to pack, how to get a deal, where to go …  you name it. The world is a pretty big place and it’s pretty difficult to know where and how to get everywhere. But the travel blogosphere is an even bigger place, so we scour it for even more ideas about how to travel like a pro.

Check out what we found this week:

The Everywhereist got a peek into the offices of Facebook in Palo Alto, CA, from its shrubbery (shaped like the Facebook logo!) to its mural-covered walls.

Vagabondish tells us how to stay safe when traveling to a dangerous place. Find out what he means when he says to “bring a decoy.” We’re thinking he doesn’t mean a cardboard cutout in your likeness.

Gadling offers 10 tips for riding a bike in New York City. Writing a will is not on the list.

Mommy Points has Olympic fever and so do we! See her roundup of her tips on traveling to the Olympics and more.

WildJunket tells us what they’re packing for a trip around the world, through Africa, North America and Australia. And guess what? They fit it all in a backpack!

Want even more timely travel goodness? Check out our This Week in Photos gallery!

Are you a travel blogger with tips to offer? Let us know in the comments and maybe you can be featured in next week’s This Week in Travel.


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