Meet Marianela Pereyra – the host of our new web series, Marianela’s Top 10 California Beaches. Over the next few weeks, she’ll be blogging about each of her favorite beaches in the Golden State. Stay tuned for her insider tips, and check out our gallery of behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot to learn more. 

By Marianela Pereyra

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the daughter of 2 professional tango dancers, and I was introduced to the world of travel at the tender age of 3 months. This is where it all started for me, making the backstage of many theaters my home and the backyard of many countries my playground. It’s no secret that I continue to be a traveling nomad.

After receiving degrees in psychology and business, and a minor in romance languages from the University of Maryland (GO TERPS!), I decided to do none of the above and dove into the world of television. In a nutshell, I started as a VJ in New York, covered the World Series of Poker for ESPN, was dubbed the Princess of Poker on NBC’s Poker After Dark, got in the ring with some sweaty boxers on Fox Sports Best Damn Toughman, offered my bold opinions on CNN’s BuzzBench, co-hosted a live pop group competition with Mario Lopez for MTV, lived on the sidelines of the best college football games in the land for ESPN, dove into the world of NASCAR for SPEED and continued to travel the world as the host of The World Poker Tour. Between college football and NASCAR, it’s safe to say I’ve eaten in every local gem/dive in the US! With all my travels there is only one place that has exceeded my 5-year limit: my beloved California.

After spending 5 years living in the magical city of New York, I eagerly ventured West .. I bounced around from hood to hood, living in West Hollywood, Studio City, North Hollywood, Newport Beach, Brentwood, San Clemente, Beverly Hills and Burbank all in the span of 5 years.  My first week in California I couldn’t wait to start exploring! I hopped in my rental and drove north to the beautiful town of Santa Barbara and jumped out of a plane. Yes, alone, and yes, with the only money I had, I decided to blow it all on an 18,000-foot jump over the California coastline. Epic.

I spend my free time discovering different parts of the coast and private beaches that I probably shouldn’t be on, but I can’t resist. I’m sure Spielberg didn’t mind me surfing his gentle rolling waves in Broad Beach. :) What I love most about California is that I never run out of places to explore. The coast is endless and every weekend turns into a vacation getaway … even if I’m only driving 35 minutes on Las Virgenes Road to Malibu to eat what is, quite possibly, the best Thai food I’ve ever had in my life, in a little tipped-over blue house on the Pacific Coast Highway: Cholada Thai’s Tom Yum Kai soup. Trestles Beach is another hidden treasure for those that surf like gods. Although I’m not in that category, I occasionally accompany these brave souls for a 4-hour session, which starts around 6 a.m. … the early bird catches the tube!

When I got the call to do a beach series for Travel Channel, I already had my Psycho2 wetsuit and beach bag in hand before I even hung up the phone! I’ve spent all of my free moments on the beaches of California, and I couldn’t wait to share these treasures with the rest of the world! Whether it’s wide-open space and a beautiful beachside ride (Santa Monica), a way to escape the city and travel back in time (Rodeo Beach), or a place to snuggle in your own romantic cove (Matador Beach), California beaches have it all!




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