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Tonight at 10|9c and 10:30|9:30c, Toy Hunter Jordan Hembrough takes toy picking to a new level as he takes on collections in New Jersey and North Carolina. A renowned toy dealer and ultimate toy hunter, Jordan has a reputation as an “in-demand dealer” that everyone wants to have evaluate their stash.

Jordan finds the picks of a lifetime for struggling business owners, annual toy events and even a few celebrity collectors throughout the season. The stakes are high and the haggles are tough because people’s livelihoods are on the line if he doesn’t deliver!

Get a sneak peek at the Rise from Ashland episode, and get a look at Jordan’s journey to the Jersey Shore. Summing up his career, Jordan says, “It’s the hunt that has always driven me. The next cool find is always right around the corner.” Learn more about our toy hunter with a Day in the Life of Jordan.

Have a toy collection of your own? Post photos of your best finds to our Rate My Toy community and see what else people have hiding in their basements!


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  1. Gina Smithers says:

    Id LOVE him to find me a 1970s Smokey the bear doll… I cant find one. Cant wait for the show to begin ! Il b watching !

  2. chris says:

    if interested, my mom has a bunch of barbie and disney ordiments, still in box.

  3. Marx Toys never made a six inch Dracula Universal Monsters. They did Frankenstein, Mummy, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Wolfman, Hunchback and Phantom of the Opera. Dracula was not done due to dispute at the time over Bela Lugosi's likeness with Bela JR. I have been told a prototype was done but I have never seen it.

  4. David says:

    I just saw the show, too cool!, I hope Jordan buys & sells toys from the 50's & 60's, Good Luck!

  5. Anita says:

    I watched your show the other night and you bought some Colorforms… the one I'm interested in is the Star Trek one. Also interested in just about anything Star Trek from any of the shows (as long as I don't already own it! lol!!!) Would really like to get in touch about this… thx!

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