Tonight at 9|8c, Andrew Zimmern treks the Blues Trail for Bizarre Foods America, where he tastes the occasionally bizarre flavors of the Mississippi Delta. Get a peek at what he encounters with our Bizarre Food of the Week!

Then Tuesday at 9|8c, Don Wildman recounts mysteries that are out of this world … literally … with this special episode of Mysteries at the Museum. To get a closer look at these otherworldly stories, we stop by the National Museum of the US Air Force in Dayton, OH, The Mutter Museum in Philadelphia and the Allen County Public Library in Indiana, where there’s a strange photo of Abraham Lincoln — taken years after his death.

Wednesday at 9|8c, our resident Toy Hunter, Jordan Hembrough, journeys to Texas, where he tries to rope in a huge find for one of the largest auction houses in the country — and uncovers the first Barbie doll ever released.

Thursday at 9|8c, Trip Flip surprises 2 more vacationers when Bert heads to Rome to show them how to fight like gladiators and tour the city like true Italians : on Vespas. Feel like you’re in Rome, too, when you check out our tour of the Eternal City.

Friday at 10|9c, on Dead Files Revisted, Steve and Amy reveal new information about previous investigations of bizarre paranormal activity at a historic home in Wichita, KS and a family-owned restaurant in Santaquin, UT.

Finally, on Sunday at 9|8c, Chuey Martinez is in search of the country’s best poultry on this all-new episode of All You Can Meat. He begins his quest in Louisiana, where he tries true Cajun-style jambalaya made with hen instead of chicken and Katrina survivor Margaret Chopin’s famous fried chicken. Then he hits Colorado for half a dozen chicken wing varieties, paired with specialty brews. And this is just the beginning! Tune in to see where he finds a brined, smoked, raspberry-chipotle-glazed barbecue chicken.


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