Trip Flip in Times Square

We’re taking a tour of the United States this week when our hosts take their adventures to both coasts — from Jordan the Toy Hunter taking on the collectibles of San Francisco to Bert trip flipping a NYC getaway.

Tonight at 9|8c, Andrew Zimmern gets deep into central Florida for this season’s finale of Bizarre Foods America. While there, he discovers the “other” Florida – the part that’s rich in tradition and about more than theme parks. Check out the Bizarre Food of the Week for a taste of this all-new episode!

Tuesday at 9|8c, Mysteries at the Museum uncovers the secrets of New England, from a possible alien abduction in New Hampshire to the discovery of a mysterious feral animal in Maine. Still curious about the Northeast? See the 7 Wonders of New England – guaranteed to be more inviting than the ones revealed by Don Wildman.

Then, Wednesday at 9|8c, the Toy Hunter hits San Francisco where Jordan continues the hunt for a few amazing, vintage, pop culture finds. But the city is more than just Slinkies and Easy Bake Ovens; take a tour of this iconic city.

On Thursday at 9|8c, Bert takes on the Big Apple when Trip Flip surprises 2 travelers with the trip of a lifetime that includes a private tour of Yankees Stadium. Get a taste of the Yankees yourself with our guide to the best sports bars and restaurants in NYC!

Then on Sunday at 7|6c, see our Burgerland special when host George Motz finds the best sliders in New Jersey and explores the Wisconsin “burger belt.” You can also find out where our hosts have had their most memorable burgers!


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