New Orleans During Hurricane Isaac
Photography by Getty Images


Hurricane Isaac may have just weakened to tropical storm status, but Louisiana residents continue to brace themselves as the water flows over the levees in Plaquemine Parish, and high winds and rain water continue to barrel down on the city and its surrounding areas.

CNNMoney is already reporting that the storm could cost $1.5 billion in damage, and there are currently 725,000 people without power across Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi and Texas.

Despite the devastation Hurricane Isaac has caused, the storm has proved to be not nearly as catastrophic as that other, infamous hurricane, that in a strange and terrible twist of coincidence, hit New Orleans 7 years ago today.

Here at Travel Channel, we’d like to remind everyone on this day to remember those who lost their lives and their homes to Hurricane Katrina.

But Isaac is also a (albeit, painful) reminder of how far NOLA has come. The levees are bigger and better, and houses, shops and restaurants have been rebuilt. In fact, the Army Corps of Engineers has spent $14 billion to ensure that the city can stand up to all but the most destructive storms.

As Isaac makes its way to Arkansas, learn a little about how the city has been revitalized, brush up on your hurricane safety tips, click through photos of the city on the 5-year anniversary of Katrina, and next time you visit the Big Easy, take a break from the drive-through daiquiris and huge-ass beers to stop by the Louisiana State Museum’s Living With Hurricanes exhibit and get a real sense of how far NOLA has come. Who dat??



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  1. Lucie says:

    Katrina was very sad lets only hope we never have something so awful again people lot everything their animals dead,people dead everything lost I am glad they are back stronger in this area but how many area's aren't this safe yet that it could happen when moving or building try too make sure your new home is safe for all sorts of disasters

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