In case you’re wondering why everyone in your office keeps calling you “matey” and commenting on your “booty,” don’t call HR. It’s just Talk Like a Pirate Day!

In fact, it’s the 10th anniversary of Talk Like a Pirate Day. Ever since author Dave Barry mentioned the idea in his nationally-read newspaper column, the holiday has ransacked the country. Even Facebook lets you set your language preference to pirate (“friends” turn into “scallywags” and “like” turns into “arr!”). You can do that anytime, though — not just on the holiday.

To celebrate the day, learn about the real pirates of the Caribbean and how you can turn your next Caribbean vacation into a pirate journey.

You can also check out photos of the Caribbean hot spots once frequented by real pirates, including Edward Teach (Blackbeard), Calico Jack Rackham, Roberto Confresi and Jon Boysie Singh.

Or, see the rest of the World’s Wackiest Holidays, so you can find more opportunities to take a day off — we won’t tell your boss.


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  1. Browsing the Atlas says:

    Argh! Missed it again!

    Seriously, every year I plan to remember this and write a blog about it just so I can use some of my pirate photos, but I never remember. It's like I've got a case of brain-scurvy when it comes to remembering "Talk Like a Pirate Day."

    Maybe next year…

  2. Pirate Phil Nitch says:

    AAARRRGGGHHH That's me in the picture with the microphone. Later that night I jumped off the stage in the splits and banged me head on the deck! Cheers Mates from Pirate Phil & The Starry Nights!

    • Quartermaster Griff says:

      If any of ye are in Austin Texas on Sept 19th…drop by Opal Divine's Freehouse for the best Talk Like A Pirate Day party ever! The picture above was taken at one such gathering of scallywags and salty dogs!!!!

  3. Steve Sanders says:

    LOL Phil I remember that! That's me in the picture with you in the white shirt. I remember you banged your head good on the steps!

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