By Marianela Pereyra

Marianela at Point Lobos

As a little girl, I would use my imagination to make my favorite fairy tales come to life. When I arrived at Point Lobos State Reserve Park to shoot Marianela’s Top 10 California Beaches, I felt like I was stepping into one of the fairy tales I used to dream about. Point Lobos is one of the most stunning coastal preserves in California. It boasts beautiful trails with unbelievable views of the coastline, and it’s the perfect place to interact with and appreciate wildlife and nature. I was immediately curious about the wildflowers, especially one named Sticky Monkey Flower. One thing you should definitely bring is a set of binoculars. You can spot gray whales in the winter, sea lions, baby otters, deer and falcons, and — if you are feeling adventurous — you can take a dip in the great Pacific blue with a shore dive!

This park offers some of the most spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, the waves are majestic and every inch of this place is mesmerizing! Something you should know about me: I have a real obsession with trees — I am simply captivated by them. The Monterey Cypress trees are native to the central coast of California and are only found near Carmel and Monterey. While hiking on the Cypress Grove trail I may have found my true love — I spent the majority of my hike hypnotized by a 2000-year-old Monterey Cypress tree whose roots were gnarled and growing off the cliff as it sat — majestic and wise — over the green-blue waters. It was the granddaddy of all Cypress trees!

As I turned the corner off the Sea Lion Point Trail, I was hit (literally) by another one of my favorite areas of Point Lobos. The wind picked up and the ocean was commanding as it crashed against the rocks, creating a stormy whirlpool that is appropriately named “The Devil’s Cauldron.” Sticky Monkey Flowers, 2000-year-old Cypress trees, The Devil’s Cauldron, baby otters … what more could you possibly want in this real-life fairy tale?

Landscape artist Francis McComas described Point Lobos as “the greatest meeting of land and water in the world.” I would have to agree.

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  1. Amanda Godby says:

    Set of binocular is very important if you want to go on a trip. I have my personal set of binocular and really enjoy my trip. Thanks for sharing

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