Tonight at 9|8c the Ghost Adventures crew embarks on a 2-night, 2-location lockdown in Chicago, IL. Will you be watching? If so, be sure to join our live fan chat during the episode!

First, with the help of the local police, the Ghost Adventures crew spends the night in the run-down, often-vandalized Bachelor’s Grove cemetery — rumored to be one of the most haunted burial grounds in America. Zak, Nick and Aaron explore the area around the tombstone where a now-famous photo of a shockingly realistic apparition was taken, as well as the nearby creek that is said to be where Al Capone would dispose of his victims’ bodies.

After a night in the dark, creepy cemetery, the guys perform a totally different investigation. This time, it’s a still-operational nightclub, where both patrons and employees have reported strange paranormal experiences.

Plus, for all you diehard GA fans, this episode also includes a glimpse of the town where Zak Bagans grew up — including his old high school and his childhood home. Tune in tonight at 9|8c for all this and more! In the meantime, check out behind-the-scenes photos from the episode, and learn about the haunted history of Chicago’s Excalibur Nightclub.


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  1. amroberson19 says:

    My name is Amanda, I absolutely love this watching this show on friday nights and getting spooked with all the suspense and love how they use Aaron as the comic relief in all of their lock downs or usually just some type of comic relief during the show…i will be watching it tonight!!! not a first though good luck guys!!!!

  2. Rob G says:

    That was crazy.. He said like 100 people w/ bandanas!!!!!

  3. Mike says:

    Love tonight's episode. Especially when the lady says 1991 and says 23 years ago. And then she agreed. What year are you all living in? :)

  4. vanessa shahen says:

    I have suggested on Zac's web site and on tweeter that u guys should go beyond finding ghost here in USA… There are many ancient cultures much ancient 2,000 years and so that would give u a nice adventure. Mayans, Egypt, Israel, Germany, Spain…and on and on.. In Puerto Rico the fortress is hunted the canons sounds at night, Haiti it is super hunted…..those will really give u a cool ghost hunting…Mexico it's hunted and they always claim to see "La Llorona" the lost soul of a woman looking for her husband…..u guys should check that out…

  5. Veronica says:

    we watch your show all the time me and my nine old son like your show my son says he wants to meet the crew i told him i don't know how yall can meet him if u must know we live in fort worth Texas

  6. ruchele says:

    who ever thinks that the one that was on at 8 pm than u have seen all of them

  7. ruchele says:

    me to

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