Check out this week’s picks from our favorite travel bloggers’ posts; from gambling to Mayan expeditions to pirate graveyards, you’ll be inspired to go on your own travel adventure!

From casinos to British pub food, Unbrave Girl tells us 5 things she loved about visiting Macu, “the Vegas of Asia” with a Portuguese influence.

Avoid that tempting glass of wine when you fly! Canada’s Adventure Couple offers tips for combatting the dreaded jet lag.

Wild Junket headed out on a Mayan adventure complete with ascending down dark caves, zip lining through the jungle, snorkeling and a Mayan purification ceremony in Riviera Maya.

As We Travel discovers Ghent in Belgium is vegetarian heaven. The city even has “Vegetarian Thursday” where restaurants offer special deals and schools serve a vegetarian lunch.

Ahoy! For International Talk Like a Pirate Day, Peter Greenberg listed his top 5 pirate destinations. Take a stroll through a pirate graveyard where anchors had been laid to rest or explore a secret pirate haven.

Andrea MacDonald boasts that the greatest food in all of Europe can be found in Spain. Who else is brave enough to try beef cheek (which Andrea describes as the “greatest treat”)?!

For more travel bites from this week check out the This Week in Photos gallery.

Are you a travel blogger with tips to offer? Let us know in the comments and maybe you can be featured in next week’s This Week in Travel.



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  1. Try adding another dimension to your travels by geocaching along the way. As a total newbie to the sport, a fellow travel blogger from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, showed me the ins and outs. Geocaching: Not Just for Nerds. Who knew?

  2. Walter Banana says:

    I like the blue lampshade.

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