Burgundy, France

Let this week’s Travel Channel shows inspire your next vacation. Whether you’re planning an adults-only getaway to the heart of France’s wine country or a family-friendly daytrip to America’s best haunted house, tune-in for a plethora of ideas.

On Monday at 9|8c, Tony Bourdain continues his final tour with a stop in the ultimate wine country: Burgundy, France. From the world’s most expensive wines to delicious coq au vin, see everything Burgundy has to offer.

On Tuesday at 9|8c, head to Miami International Airport when the all-new series Airport 24/7: Miami premieres with 2 episodes. Get an excuse to visit MIA yourself when you plan a trip to one of Miami’s Extreme Hotspots. And while you’re there, get a glimpse of this sizzling city’s art deco district.

On Friday at 9|8c, the Ghost Adventures crew heads to the Great Lakes to explore the demonic activity overwhelming both the owner and guests of the Palmer House Hotel in Sauk Centre, MN. Learn more about the Great Lakes and why you should plan a trip to the largest group of freshwater lakes on the planet.

Finally, on Sunday, get your Halloween fix! At 8|7c, Making Monsters goes to the Transworld Trade Show in St. Louis, MO and makes an evil tiki for Nightmares Live! on the island of Oahu. Then at 10|9c, catch Halloween Crazier which will take you to the top haunted attractions around the world. Check out the travel guide to find the best Halloween attractions near you!


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