What do Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber, Marilyn Manson and our own Zak Bagans all have in common? Apparently, a penchant for the truly horrific. All 3 have already visited horror movie director Eli Roth’s (of Hostel and Grindhouse) Goretorium – a brand-new year-round horror attraction that Paris Hilton has already declared “the scariest haunted house on Earth,” according to the Las Vegas Sun.

Las Vegas Goretorium

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We’re not exactly sure that Ms. Hilton is the world’s leading authority on haunted houses, but it certainly does sound pretty gore-riffic. The attraction, which opened on Thursday right on the Las Vegas Strip near CityCenter, is designed to be a 1960s hotel run by serial-killer owners who perform strange, sadistic, bloody, tortuous acts on unsuspecting Vegas travelers — all this before killing them, putting them through a giant “meat grinder” and feeding them to other unsuspecting hotel guests.

Buy your ticket online for $35 (it’s $40 at the door), and step into the lobby of the (thankfully, fictional) Delmont Hotel. As you wander the hotel’s bloody rooms and halls, there are 35-40 actors, sound effects and truly bizarre props (think piles of “human skin” in the laundry room) to enhance your already-terrifying experience. The Goretorium also a go-go lounge, a horror-themed bar, a gift shop and a real-life wedding chapel — perfect for the bride who’s always dreamed of getting married in a … zombie costume?

Now that Roth’s Goretorium is open for business, it’s time for reviews! Have you visited? Tell us all about it in the comments! And if you’re into bloody, gory and otherwise scary attractions, check out the Top 10 Haunts in America and the Scariest Halloween Attractions.



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  1. Franklin says:

    Read YELP, that pretty much sums it up. Worst waste of time and $40 I have ever spent. This is someone licensing Eli Roth's name and boy he made a big mistake on this one. What a horrible joke. They say 10 million was spent. It doesn't look like $10,000 was spent.

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