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As the 2 candidates gear up for their first debate tonight in Denver and Americans weigh President Obama and Former Gov. Mitt Romney’s stances on the issues, here at Travel Channel, we decided to assess the 2012 presidential candidates in a totally different way. We’ve been busy gathering info for our Obama vs. Romney City vs. City showdown, where we’ll help YOU answer the question: which candidate can lay claim to the better travel destinations?

While Romney certainly has the cash to finance a killer trip, traveling like a president doesn’t sound too shabby either. Think: the presidential suite, 200 hotel rooms and 35 motorcade vehicles … oh yeah, and your own tricked-out air-transport fleet.

Compare the places where the candidates grew up, where they went to college, where they got married, where they vacation and much more. Then you tell us: Would you rather vacation in La Jolla, CA, like Romney or Martha’s Vineyard, MA, like Obama? Honeymoon with a road trip up the California coast like Barack and Michelle, or an exotic getaway to Hawaii like Mitt and Ann?

Check out our City vs. City roundup, and then let us know: Who do you think wins this all-important debate?


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