Ghost Adventures at the Palmer House Hotel

Tonight at 9|8c, on an all-new episode of Ghost Adventures, Zak, Nick and Aaron head to the Great Lakes to investigate reports of strange, demonic activity at the Palmer House Hotel in Sauk Centre, MN. The owner, Kelly Freese, is convinced that the dark energy is emanating from the basement, so the crew heads down to the underbelly of the hotel to learn what’s down there … and what they find may send shivers down your spine.

Hotel guests aren’t immune to the spirits that lurk in the building, either – one woman even has a creepy home video in which she appears to be possessed by an invisible force. Learn more about the hauntings at the hotel in our Haunted Destination of the Week, watch as Zak visits the historical society to learn more about the hotel’s past (and those who have died there) and check out behind-the-scenes photos from the filming of the episode.

While you’re waiting for the episode to start, don’t forget to cast your vote in our Halloween night lineup poll! This Halloween, GA fans will decide which Ghost Adventures episodes Travel Channel will air on the spookiest night of the year. Vote now and let your voice be heard!


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  1. batavia says:

    Palmer House in Sauk Centre is a really nifty place…and Sauk is the cutest small town in central Uffdaville.

  2. debra valentine says:

    Would like to talk to zak bout the picture from bachelors grove cemetary in illinois where the ghost lady is sitting on the grave

  3. Natasha Bihary says:

    Hi I believe you guys missed a Class A EVP on the Palmer House Episode at around 29 min in to where nick is laughing and you guys are talking there is a voice about half your volume but we can't decipher what it says. It could be nothing but I want you guys to check it out we can hear it clearly on our headset. Thanks so much for everything over the years guys you bring light to the Paranormal Mystery. Keep up the amazing work!!! Me and My Dad Chris Love you guys!!!!

  4. james p says:

    i know why the rim pod was acting funny tonight and the G.A.C. didn't know why. becase it was in morse code……..

  5. ivanlara says:

    thanx alot GAC i have a different view on this life and the next

  6. JCF says:

    Dear Travel Channel,

    I really enjoy Ghost Adventures, but it is becoming un-watchable. My 2 suggestions for huge improvement:
    1. Have the guys dial back the melodrama a bit. They just start coming off as complete tools before the lock down typically starts.
    2. Spend far more time with the actual lock down footage and much less time interviewing alleged witnesses (most come across as a little bit looney anyway).

  7. Stephen Bright says:

    Just a thought about the Palmer House Hotel guys…. You may have the Demon from Bobby Macky's following you or that Demon has talked to another Demon who resides there (at the Palmer House Hotel). They can be in more than one place at a time….

  8. jason sims says:

    if you look in the door way after zak gets scratched you can see what looks like a full bodied apperition in the palmer

  9. jason sims says:

    keep an eye on the door way they musta missed this one

  10. jason sims says:

    there is a full bodied apparition that no one saw in the door jam after zak gets pinch scratched in the palmer you can see it more than once

  11. Rissabell25 says:

    Please follow me, on my e-mail, add me, please type back

  12. Kameron Owens says:

    Hello! I don't know if this is a forum that the GAC will see themselves but I was wanting to tell them about there latest lockdown at the Palmer House hotel and how they may have missed some evidence. My slow motion and controls for my t.v. aren't sophisticated enough to be able to get a good enough look at what I think I saw. While they were investigating in the basement Aaron starts to feel the lethargic "boat rocking" feeling that Zak is feeling and at that moment the camera pans to the right, while it pans from right to left it looks like it captures a face of some kind. It was pretty spooky because it looked kinda like the eyes were glowing. Anyhow it's probably nothing and can be "DEBUNKED" but I hope someone gets this comment and passes this along to the GAC because it could possibly be some very compelling evidence as I know nothing was mentioned of it during the show and I know they have missed things in the past on previous episodes.

    • Kameron Owens says:

      That's fine I just got kind of excited when I saw this and I know they have the equipment to go back and look at this in detail and either debunk it of figure out if it was evidence that can be shown in later episodes. I left my email address so that I can be contacted if needed.

  13. Kyle wade says:

    I watched the goldfield hotel investigation and in the brick throwing scene in the back ground they seen the small board fly from right to left but there is a big 2×4 that falls from left to right that makes the small board fly from right to left i have seen this many times and have never heard nor seen any other person see this.

  14. Rissabell25 says:

    Hi my name is RISSA and I love your show, and I watched every episode possible, including the new ones every Friday, I always keep track of those. Well speaking of this, I was wondering if I can join a couple lockdowns, even though I'm eleven, but I swear I can handle it, speaking of that if you guys let me join some of your lockdowns, I can give you some places on LI in new York that are highly active, maybe I can join going there.i would love to help you guys too, did I mention I was your biggest fan? I decently am. Add my email please,it's- PLEASE DON'T IGNORE THIS!!!!!! I'm your biggest fan, of you guys like this idea we can work this out, and I will give you my address, don't forget to add me, email me guys, stay cool

  15. Rissabell25 says:

    Zak, you know how you, put twitter questions on YouTube, do travel channel questions, say mine,

  16. Julia says:

    I was watching the episode and right after Zak gets scratched and the guys are reviewing the evp, there is a figure in doorway. Is it a ghost???

  17. RAY says:

    HOLY S#@T. I Live by Carlos, MN. I think everyone knows about Palmer house. I Had no idea it was that haunted!!!
    I Know there is at least 2 other places by Carlos / Alexandria that are haunted. The first is on Highway 29. It's just past Carlos Corners. It had been a place to eat plus a bar. Now it's a car dealership. The second one is Old Broadway In Alexandria. My own brother has seen a Woman in old dress coming down the stairs!

  18. Anna says:

    in the basement while reviewing the EVP, it doesnt say "make sure they go". It says, "sure you do"

  19. Dove says:

    Does anyone know the next time the Palmer House episode will air I missed it, I dont ususally watch Zak, they get too melodramtic at times but will watch this because it is familiar territory. I ahve been going to Sauk Centre for over 25 years, I am in Sauk Centre every weekend in the summer and had heard about the Palmer Hotel, and am finally going to stay there in Jan 2013.
    I do know a guy who stayed there a couple years ago, he stayed in Lucy's room #17and sat up all-night but did not see or hear anything and sisters were in other rooms nothing there either. Hope my experience is different, cant decide if I am taking my husband or daughters (adult).

  20. Trish says:

    I am in Australia and I am new to GAC, and am totally addicted to the show, I don't think there is any fakery going on.

    I was watching series 5 episode 7 at Rocky Point Manor and Aaron is going into the room with night vision, Zac, Nic and Billy are in the kitchen watching on the monitors, the next room to where Aaron is entering, is another doorway and a black smokey figures floats past the doorway, I saw it twice and I am trying to work out what it is, it is too big to be missed I would have thought and I have watched it over and over again and even, it floats at an angle and quite quickly from right to left. I would like to know if is reflection of something but I can't fathom what it is?

  21. Ghost hunting is quite an interesting story. When I was young, I used to get scared when I heard stories on ghosts but later as I grow up, it became minimal and I slowly understand their behavior and such.

  22. Kayle says:

    The owner, Kelly Freese, is convinced that the dark energy is emanating from the basement, so the crew heads down to the underbelly of the hotel to learn what’s down there … and what they find may send shivers down your spine.

  23. Roarke says:

    Excellent read, Positive site, where did u come up with the information on this posting?I have read a few of the articles on your website now, and I really like your style. Thanks a million and please keep up the effective work

  24. Michelle Bowen says:

    May I be one of the (hopefully) first to say that this episode of "Aftershocks: Palmer Hotel", is pretty much the best episode of any, and I have watched every episode, every time, reruns galore!!! Great show…will watch it again at a few hours!!

  25. Michelle Bowen says:

    And….you can fall in love with a hotel…Copper Queen….stayed a weekend and looked at and touched every object I could get to….I will always want to stay in the room I stayed in, it's like it's mine. AND I did feel a push on the bottom of my foot and then re-watched the episode and saw the footage again of someone's foot being touched…weird

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