From luxurious dining in hotels and on the street to the rocking good times of Oktoberfest, travel bloggers have it made. Get a glimpse of their adventures when we share our favorite picks from this week’s travel blogs.

2Backpackers explore Buenos Aires and unexpectedly spot many unique Asian-Argentinian fusions of culture due to a major wave of Asian immigrants in the 1980’s. From Chinese empanadas to Japanese pop music shops, you might forget you’re in South America.

A $5,000 burger?! Oysterblog finds the hotel meals with the biggest price tags for those who really want to splurge on an extravagant vacation.

Oktoberfest is full in swing, and GoBackpacking shares their tips on celebrating the world’s biggest party the right way. Don’t forget your lederhosen!

Food trucks are rarely associated with providing exceptional grub, but Gadling shares their top 5 unique and delicious food trucks we must try in Vancouver. From serving yakisoba noodle toppings on hotdogs to chanterelle mushroom poutine, it’s easy to see how these creative mobile eateries are becoming a major scene.

AsWeTravel journeys to Peneda Geres, Portugal for an unforgettable tour on horseback, exploring tiny villages and pristine turquoise lagoons.

Ruth Clifford summons her inner Frodo and treks up “the Devil’s Staircase” of Tongariro National Park in New Zealand—the setting of Mordor in The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

For more travel bites from this week check out the This Week in Photos gallery.

Are you a travel blogger with tips to offer? Let us know in the comments and maybe you can be featured in next week’s This Week in Travel.

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  1. Excellent roundup! Thanks for the "2 Backpackers" inclusion.

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