Diehard GA fans will remember that their beloved GA crew’s first investigation aired on this day, 4 years ago on the Travel Channel. In celebration of the show’s 4th birthday, we asked fans to submit some of their best fan art – here are a few of our favorites!

“hi! happy 4th year anniversary!!! this collage has a picture from every location u guy have gone to so far! except for some of season 4 cz they couldn’t fit, but yeah if u really look at it its in order from top left corner to bottom right! haha! took me a while! so hope u like it!!! this show is the best!!!” – pamela de regules

“Aaron is recording on the camera. 
Nick has a Mel meter. 
Zak has a EVP recorder as they hunt the ghost that’s behind them.” – invaderGir38

“A quick whip-up in celebration of Ghost Adventures’ 4-year anniversary!” - Brikachu.

For more, and to upload your own, check out our Fan Art community. And check out our favorites from last year’s birthday!



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  1. + says:

    Thanks man. This has been special reading

  2. Rachael Clark says:

    Happy Birthday Ghost Adventures! I watch your show every Friday!

  3. toni syring says:

    thanks for all the great friday nights watching your show!

  4. deborah says:

    happy birthday and many more. just love your show

  5. Brianna says:

    Hello! No intent to muddy the waters, but I'd like to bring to attention that there is a mistake made on the credits for that last fanart. Pamela de regules was credited, when the artist of the picture is screename Brikachu. You can see the original post on my profile, added around 7:30pm last night. I would truly appreciate this mistake corrected, and any other artist would understand the desire for appropriate accreditation. Thank you so much, for anything that can be done! :) Yours, Brianna A.K.A. Brikachu

    • InvaderGir38 says:

      i really like yours it's awesome!!
      Mine is the Lego one.
      I'm glad they fixed it!
      i freaked out when i saw mine was one of there favorites.
      congrats :D

  6. Joyce McIntyre says:

    I hate to say this but I like Bobby Macky,s. How ever I would never go there my self for I like to keep control of my self. But don,t get me wrong for I have met some good ghost which did,t frighten me. My mother always told me if someone or something hurt you Just stay away from them.

  7. Jacx07 says:

    My boyfriend has gotten me stuck on these shows and now I myself had started purchasing paranormal equiptment. I am in Oklahoma and the main place I would love to see investigated is the Dominion House in the Historical city of Guthrie. Hopefully one day I can investigate it myself but for right now I think I'll investigate my apartment complex. Great show, Awesome findings and perfect evidence.

  8. Hayley C. says:

    Screw the movies! I stay home every Friday just so I can indulge in some new G.A.! It'd be so cool to go to the locations they went to.

    • Rogers.T says:

      I been to the one in Las Vegas it's the one where they investigated at a Rich mansion in a old Neighborhood .If you seen enough episodes you should find the nearest one they had once investigated at.

  9. Jade Davis says:

    Happy B-day! U guys should Totally go to Sally House in Atchison, Kansas!! My mom went there and caught some EVPs on her phone!

  10. sharon herring says:

    Happy B-day,hope for afew more years,maybe do something near Tallahassee,FL one day??

  11. tom says:

    Hey Zak when you and your crew were at letchworth village I saw a shadow when you said "bad" and horrific on the ground when were roming the hall way. I hope you get this and bet you already saw it while you were anylizing your video.

  12. Tiffany McFall says:


  13. Angela Everett says:

    Zak, You guys should visit the Queen Mary ,it is HAUNTED!

  14. Chad Russell says:

    My comment ise for Aaron, bud I have went thru what you are going thru/going thru and all i want to say is look at the big picture in life!!!! I finaly figured out that my son is my boy and if i wouldnt have him who knows were i would be but he turnd me into a great dad and man and I hope the same for you!!!!! Take care

  15. David says:

    Happy birthday guys i watch your show , from Australia :)

  16. Kelly C. says:

    watching a rerun of "birdcage theater" that travel channel has on this evening. just happened to notice some evidence you missed! while nick and zack are having a conversation w/ aaron in front of the x cam monitors, trying to talk him into going to investigate alone, it appears as though there's an "orb" that floats from above aaron and down into his head. i found it interesting b/c the room was dimly lit. i've only ever seen orbs displayed through night vision.

  17. jos says:

    happy birthday,

    sorry that am sow verry late,
    hope your will contineu for a yourf doing, really love your show greets from holland

  18. penny says:

    happy birthday ghost adventures

  19. TraceFace67 says:

    Happy Birthday Guys!!!! <3 your show!! I often wonder if any of the spirits follow any of you home? I sure hope not. I really enjoyed the show of the 1st women serial killer. I googled her and there are TONS of stories about her!!

    Keep up the GREAT WORK! Love Tracy

  20. TraceFace67 says:

    Happy Birthday Guys!!!! <3 your show!! I often wonder if any of the spirits follow any of you home? I sure hope not. I really enjoyed the show of the 1st women serial killer. I googled her and there are TONS of stories about her!!

  21. E.N.V. says:

    Isn't it longer than on other channels 2003 year for altogether congratulations!

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