Borgo Egnazia

Nowadays, it seems like everyone is getting married somewhere secret, romantic and picturesque — well, everyone famous, that is. And to add to the ever-growing list of (almost) surprise weddings, the prince of pop and his famous bride might be walking down the aisle this weekend. walked down the aisle today.

But where? Southern Italy, in Fasano at the Borgo Egnazia resort.

We thought it might have been Tuscany, for its rolling hills and wine for days. Or Sicily for the exotic cuisine (mmm, squid ink pasta). We posited Rome for its rich history and architecture. And even Emilia Romagna — the “breadbasket of Italy” — because, well, Tony went there.

But they surprised us all.

While you’re wiping away your tears (or your girlfriend’s tears), check out our Why We Love the Italians photo gallery, and see why the Timberlakes chose this culturally-rich country as the place to say their vows.

And if you’re planning a wedding of your own, check out how Justin spent his bachelor party in Sin City — and see how you can travel like Mr. Timberlake before the big day.

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