Inava Kuzmanouska and Rachel Cooper’s sculpture, Mirador

Circuses without animals? Ice sculptures in October? Traveling without the stress?  For This Week in Travel, we found posts that strayed from the ordinary.

With Halloween just 2 weeks away, Oysterblog gets in the spirit and offers their picks for the spookiest places for the brave at heart to spend a fright night. From vampires to voodoo, you’ll be sure to get your supernatural fix.

No lions, tigers or bears please! Love the magic and excitement of the circus, but hate the animal cruelty?  As We Travel gives their top picks for the world’s best animal-free circuses that would make PETA proud.

Speaking of magic, Disney unveiled a glistening 25-foot-high ice castle in Times Square this week to kick off their “Limited Time Magic” park experiences starting 2013. A bit too early for a winter-wonderland theme, the castle only lasted for 6 hours (guess they really wanted to put an emphasis on limited).

Europe Up Close ventured to the Turkish village of Avanos to visit one of the best pottery studios in the country and meet the charming man behind it. Master Galip Korukcu has been making ceramics for 49 years and puts our grade school pottery work to shame.

Love traveling but hate the stress and fatigue that comes with flying or driving? Heather On Her Travels relaxes on a leisurely cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest, seeing some of Europe’s greatest sights without the busy airports, sore feet or confusing subway maps.

Check out what else happened around the world this week with our This Week in Photos gallery!

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