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If you saw last night’s episode of Making Monsters, then you got to see Ed and the Distortions crew make their monsters come to life with the power of Kinect for Windows technology.

The Distortions crew worked together to create a 14-foot demon and 2 4-foot-tall guard dogs that look as if they were crafted from molten lava. The Kinect for Windows team then came in to make the demon and his dogs even more sinister – their eyes track the visitors to the 13th Floor haunted house in Denver and the demon greets in his creepy voice. In fact, the dogs bark or growl when approached by an adult, or pant and whimper when approached by a child -– all through the power of technology.

But where did the idea for the interactive demon gatekeeper and his devil dogs come from? Well, the unbridled imagination of 2 young boys, of course:

The boys, 6-year-old Mark and 10-year-old Jack, fell in love with Travel Channel’s Making Monsters, a TV program that chronicles the creation of lifelike animatronic creatures. After seeing their dad’s work with Kinect for Windows at the Minneapolis-based Microsoft Technology Center, they connected the dots and dreamed up the concept: wouldn’t it be awesome if Dad could use his expertise with the Kinect for Windows motion sensor to make better and scarier monsters?

Get the whole behind-the-scenes story about how this partnership came to be at the Microsoft Kinect for Windows blog.

See photos and video from this episode here, and don’t forget to catch all-new episodes of Making Monsters Sundays @ 8|7c & 9|8c!


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  1. Zozerina says:

    I saw this episode last night, awesome creature! I want to go to that haunted house!

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  4. essay writer says:

    That much is currently valid for Microsoft and its position on pursuing the individuals who were making outsider programming drivers for its Kinect equipment frill. Microsoft will discharge the Kinect for Windows programming advancement unit (SDK) for non-business utilize this spring, and a business permit will turn out later.

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