Get in the Halloween spirit and download Zak Bagans’ new album “NecroFusion” — available for purchase today!

A mix of electronic music and spirit voices — or EVPs, as Ghost Adventures fans know them — the album is a haunting work of art that will be enjoyed by dance music and paranormal fans alike.

Collaborating with Lord of Acid’s Praga Khan, Zak wrote the lyrics and provided the vocals to these experimental tracks, each one of which tells the story of a departed soul who continues to wander the earth — some of whom Zak found in his home dungeon. He recorded 2 spirits there, with their communication leading to the track “In My Dungeon.”

“I want more people to hear what the spirits have to say,” said Zak. “Spirits want to be heard, that’s why they’re not at rest. They want to be heard.”

Curious about Zak’s music and how he spends his days? Watch A Day in the Life of Zak, featuring songs from his new album.

 Get your copy of “NecroFusion” today on Amazon and iTunes!


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